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Welcome To Fennimore Medical Clinic

Never put your health on the back burner. If you’ve noticed unusual symptoms or an overall decline in your health, Fennimore Medical Clinic in Prairie du Chien, WI, will find the right treatment for you. Our mission is to improve our patients’ quality of life by introducing effective plans focused on fast recovery. Whether you need a diagnosis, preventative care, or a physical examination for work, you can count on compassionate and patient-centered medical care.

Where Your Health Is a Priority

Fennimore Medical is a low-cost doctor’s office offering a wide range of services. The main way we keep costs low is by avoiding all dealings with insurance companies, reducing our overhead considerably (see our list of services for more details). Everyone can afford to see a doctor, for about the cost of dinner for two.

Dr. Walker has been in practice for seventeen years, treating adults and children in a wide range of settings, including rural Alaska! Although he no longer delivers babies, he has experience there too and at last count had delivered over one hundred into the world. Dr. Walker was born and raised in Wisconsin, and has a special affinity for the Driftless Region. On his days off you may see him riding his bicycle through our hills and coulees.

At 421 S. Beaumont, Fennimore Medical inherits the rich tradition of considerate, professional service established here by Dr. Roger Rademacher and his predecessors. Appointments can be made by phone.

Stay well, and come see us soon!

Faster Recovery

The right answers don’t come from Internet searches—they come from licensed and certified medical professionals. Self-diagnosing can cause mental stress and lead to devastating consequences. If you’re experiencing discomfort, our professional team will get to the bottom of it. Through physical examinations and assessments, we can provide a more reliable diagnosis than WebMD and find the right treatment plan for you. With the right treatment plan, you’ll be one step closer to pain-free living and total recovery.

Personalized Treatments

Fennimore Medical Clinic specializes in many physical conditions, including asthma, wounds, viruses, bacterial infections, sports injuries, and more. Trying to find a treatment plan or home remedy on your own will increase your chances of developing serious symptoms. Don’t stay untreated—let our professionals find the answers you need.

Caring Professionals

You never have to fear the doctor. We’ve created a comfortable environment in our medical clinic that allows our patients to relax during their appointments. Our medical staff will listen to your concerns and ensure you fully understand your diagnosis and treatment plan before you leave the clinic. When it comes to your health, our medical clinic will always go the extra mile.

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